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Bruce Bennett is an Atlanta-based independent arbitrator and mediator dedicated to providing dispute resolution services to businesses and individuals seeking an alternative to traditional litigation. He is an attorney and CPA with over 30 years of business and legal experience who has arbitrated over 60 cases to final award and mediated hundreds more. He is experienced in multiparty, complex disputes and serves often on numerous local, national and international dispute resolution panels. Having been a business executive for 15 years at two Fortune 500 companies and a litigation attorney, Mr. Bennett has a unique perspective from both the business and legal sides of a case. As an arbitrator he listens to parties and evaluates each case independently on the merits, while as a mediator he understands the legal complexities and emotional component that is oftentimes involved. He is fair, impartial and knows the importance of approaching each issue with an open mind. Mr. Bennett's arbitration practice focuses on commercial (domestic & international), consumer, employment, franchise, healthcare and securities-related disputes. His mediation experience is diverse and involves cases ranging from accounting malpractice to zoning disputes.